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Structural Engineers Association of New York

Structural Engineering (SE) Licensure Committee

The Structural Engineering (SE) Licensure Committee is responsible for strategic planning towards the implementation of an SE practice Act in New York.

SEAoNY the committee is recommending a partial practice restriction for SE Licensure. A partial practice restriction regulates the use of the title "structural engineer" or "SE" and the provision of structural engineering services for certain types of structures.

2023-2024 Committee Leadership

Brian Falconer - Chair 

SE Licensure Committee Recommendations

SEAoNY is recommending that the State of New York adopts an SE Licensure requirement for certain types of structures. A structural engineering license will be required when the project meets the following criteria:

  1. Buildings included in Structural Occupancy Category III or IV.
  2. Buildings in Occupancy Category II that are greater than 60 feet (18.5m) in height, have a clear span greater than 150 feet (46.3m), are in Seismic Design Category D, or have a total occupant load of more than 1000.
  3. Buildings that serve as Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Hospitals, or Emergency Facilities regardless of their size.
  4. Alterations where the Change of Occupancy is from an "SE not required" use to an "SE required" use would require an SE regardless of the level of alteration.
  5. New York State Level I and Level II Alterations without a Change of Occupancy to a higher Risk Category are excluded.
  6. Non-Structural Components and Delegated Design are excluded.

New license applicants as well as those applying for reciprocal status must meet the following criteria:

  1. Professional Experience: 4 Years Endorsed Relevant Experience (or 3 years + MS). Relevant Experience is working as a structural engineer on projects that would require a License SE.
  2. Passing score on the 16-Hour SE Exam
  3. Grandfathering: In lieu of examination, an existing PE in New York State (At first renewal cycle) can apply for an SE with 4 years Endorsed Relevant Experience accumulated after receiving their New York State PE License.
  4. SE by Reciprocity will only be awarded to applicants that have a passing score on the 16-Hour SE Exam.

Continuing Education will be required similar to the current NY PE requirements. (36 credits in 3 years. 18 Technical and 18 Non-Technical)

There are currently multiple states across the country working to implement SE Licensure to their states, including Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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