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Structural Engineers Association of New York


Giving back to the Structural Engineering Community is important. Being a SEAoNY sponsor entails sponsoring a lecture, holding an ad in SEAoNY's periodic newsletter or sponsoring one of our social events.

As a non-profit organization, SEAoNY strives to find sponsors within the community to assist in our efforts. From their generosity, we are able to decrease the admission to many or our events, especially for the full-day seminars we hold biannually. This enables us to increase the audience that the valuable information from the seminars will reach.

A variety of different groups support SEAoNY, including contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers of the materials and products that structural engineers employ on a daily basis. We appreciate all of their assistance, and we are confident that creating a strong base of structural engineers is a sound investment.

We appreciate all of your support and we are confident that your sponsorship of the New York structural engineering community will be a sound investment. To inquire about becoming a sponsor or to refer a sponsor for future SEAoNY events or our quarterly newsletter, please email us.

With over 500 members all representing structural engineering consulting firms in the New York area, being a SEAoNY sponsor is way for your company to reach out to the structural engineering community while supporting it at the same time! Whether the event is a lecture, or a social event, or your company is purchasing an ad in our newsletter, SEAoNY will make sure that your company will reach a wide audience of structural engineers here in New York. Please see our sponsorship rate sheet for specific benefits for each event.



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